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WorkflowSP – automation of workflow and business processes

WorkflowSP — is a comprehensive solution for documents flow management and automation of business processes throughout the enterprise. The system is optimally suited for small and medium businesses as well as for divisions of large companies and government agencies. Implementation of the WorkflowSP system at an enterprise allows to fully automate the work with documents in the company thus providing significant time savings. We offer both, installation of the WorkflowSP system at your enterprise, and development of the analogous automation software.

WorkFlowSP is a single information center which provides:

  • Common information space: the company operates as a single organism.
  • Visual representation of the running business processes.
  • Uniform methodology for workflow organization: rules that help in work.
  • Control over the execution of leading documents.
  • Single repository of documents: preservation of documents.
  • Integration with an existing automation systems.

WorkflowSP is a universal tool for working with documents:

  • Convenient user interface: required documents are always at hand.
  • System for messages and reminders: works are carried out in time.
  • Role-based permission rights policy: confidentiality of the information.
  • Support of joint work with documents: when 1+1 is more than 2.

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Functional capabilities of WorkflowSP

Working with documents

  • Creating documents according to the template and “from scratch”.
  • Quick search for necessary documents.
  • Binding of documents (parent document – child document).
  • Document rooting (chain of executors).
  • Listings of documents.
  • Rubricator.

Business process management

  • Simulation of the typical processes of development, coordination and execution of the document.
  • Parallel and serial routing of the document.
  • Automatic and manual modes of the document routing.
  • Support of joint work of employees.

Joint document development


  • Automatic reminders about upcoming events.
  • Exchange of messages with other users.
  • Information about work of other users in the system.

Control functions

  • Active control of execution of tasks and assignments.
  • Audit of user actions.


  • Separation of user access to documents and system functions.
  • Data encryption.
  • Workflow of confidential and secret documents.
  • Storing documents on dedicated servers.