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Website Development and Promotion

SYSPROG develops trendy, mobile-friendly and optimized for search engines websites for medium and small-sized businesses. We specialize in corporate websites, landing pages and business card websites in English and Russian languages. We do both, creation from scratch, and remaking of your existing site according to the latest www trends. We offer all-inclusive development that covers: design, makeup, copywriting, SEO, creation of Russian version if needed, long-term support and much more. We also offer website promotion services. Do not hesitate to contact us!


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Types of websites we develop and their minimal pricing. Appealing cost!


Stages and content of website creation process. What to expect...


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Portfolio of developed Websites

Have a look at our three latest works, including our own renewed website. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

Website Creation

Example of business card website developed for small retail enterprise selling spare parts and building materials. Website has six pages, easy navigation, many linked pricelists in PDF format, online messaging widget, contact form, and Google map. Website is optimized for search engines, including loaded PDFs, optimized for display on mobile devices and SSL-certified.

Website Development

Example of corporate website for software development enterprise. Website contains a separate page for each service and product, as well as for portfolio, skills, customers, references, about and contacts. SYSPROG's corporate website is SEO-optimized, mobile-friendly, SSL-certified, has a contact form, and exists in two language versions: Russian and English. 

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Example of corporate website developed for big enterprise selling plastic hosepipes. Website has complex structure for variety of offered products with respect to application area and target substance. The site is optimized for mobile devices, has content management system, news and articles sections, website search, inquiry form and call back button.

Types and Cost of Websites

SYSPROG offers profitable website development conditions since we mostly use template-based website builders which are fast, modern and inexpensive. What we do in the scope of development process: individual design, makeup, copywriting, search engine optimization (SEO), work up of images and documents, installation of web analytics tools, addition of online messengers, help with security cerificatation, creation of Russian version if requested, and more. Please see below the desciption of website types we develop with their reference prices.

Landing page

From 200 EUR

Landing page is a single web page created with the purpose to collect contact data of the target audience and to convert site visitors into customers. Purpose of the landing page can be to promote your specific product, service, compaign, trial or content. Landing page always contains a fill-out form and normally includes share links for social networks.

Business card website

From 400 EUR

Business card website is a small website consisting of 1 to 10 pages and containing main information about an enterprise: products, services, price lists, portfolio, location, contact data, etc. Business card website is informative, attractive, concise and easy to maintain. Such a website is a perfect solution for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Corporate website

From 800 EUR

Corporate website is the virtual representation of your company in Internet. Corporate website contains full information about the company and detailed description of all its products and services. Such a website often includes catalogs, portfolio, photo galleries, company news, feedback form, site search, mailing lists, and CMS - the Content Management System.

Website Creation Process

Within website creation process, we follow the four-stages workflow consisting of: definition of specifications, development itself, search engine optimization and final completion step. Please read further to get an overview of what we do on each stage. Apart from development, we also offer the subsequent website promotion services; and for websites created by ourselves - there are significant discounts on promotion!



Definition of technical task

On the first step, through discussions with the customer, we define the structure, layout, color scheme and functionality of future website. As a result we compose the technical task document, which defines all duscussed requirements in detail, and the contract document that contains budget, timeframe and mutual obligations. After signing of both documents, the second development stage begins.



Core website development

The development stage includes: selection of template, creation of website structure (pages, subpages, headers, footers), designing, makeup of pages, writing of textual content (copywriting, SEO), work up of visual content (images, videos, icons), addition of internal and external links, addition of forms, maps, etc. And finally development of website version in another language if specified.



Search engine optimization

Within SEO stage we do: optimization of pages' titles and descriptions, specification of keywords, work up of images and documents, compiling of robots.txt and sitemap.xml files, joining of website mirrors, installation of statistics counters (e.g. Google Analytics), registration in webmaster panels (e.g. Google Search Console), SSL certification, installation of online messengers (JivoSite) and more.



Modification and transfer

The last completion step includes: demonstration of the developed website to the customer, performing of necessary modifications, help with domain registration and e-mail configuration, transfer of website to customer's hosting, installation of content management system (CMS) if specified, development of site management documentation, and final signing of the performed work deed.

Website Promotion

SYSPROG offers integrated website promotion. What we do: SEO, backlinks, PPC marketing and long-term support. The cost of initial suite of works is: from 300 EUR. Minimal budget for PPC is 100 EUR per month, no commission. The cost of long-term support is: from 100 EUR per month. For websites developed by ourselves, there are significant discounts on promotion... Do not hesitate to contact us!


Search Engine Optimization

Keywords, titles, descriptions, optimization of images and documents, copywriting, statistics counters (e.g. Google Analytics), SSL certification, and much more.


External links to your site

Study of your niche and competitors. Placement of links to your website on free and commercial platforms and services that are universal or relevant to your target market.


Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Placement of paid links to your website on top of search results for relevant queries via online advertising services, e.g. Google Ads. Preparation and launching of PPC campaign.


Promotional Support

Monitoring of website statistics and positions, analytics, website updates and modifications, correction of promotion strategy, management of PPC campaign, and more.