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SpectraSP – software for spectroscopy

SpectraSP – is a powerful software for controlling the process of spectroscopic measurements and processing data when working with spectral devices produced by SOL instruments. The program provides complex work environment for spectral analysis and time series processing. SpectraSP uses all the potential of the controlled device and supplements it with some additional functionality.The description of SpectraSP is given on our site as a demonstration of our capabilities and experience. If you are interested in analogous software for your devices and hardware, please contact us!

Functional capabilities of SpectraSP

  • Performing spectral measurements, vizualisation, processing and storing of experimental data;
  • Working in different modes: spectral, image, multitrack;
  • Support of all spectral devices produced by SOL Instruments, experiment automation;;
  • Support of single-element, line and matrix detectors (SOL, Proscan, ANDOR, Ormins), possibility to work with several sensors at the same time;
  • Measuring main paremeters of peaks in real time;
  • System for wavelength calibration;
  • Scanning of panoramic spectrum in given spectral range, stitching of spectra;
  • Correction of background, possibility of intensity correction, correction of defective pixels;
  • Wavelength measurement mode (using echelle grating);
  • Intergation of signal;
  • Convenient system for storing measurement results; saving of spectra in different formats; built-in print editor.


Program interface: separate pages for working with spectra and images; separate panels for working with built-in functions; easy access to high-usage parameters; pop-up help; reference system.


Panoramic spectrum: scanning of spectrum in given spectral range – handy and needed function for acquisition of spectrum not limited by sensor length; unique algorithm calculates the tuning point of spectral device, ensures precise field calibration and correct stitching of spectra.


Peak tracing: the peak tracing mode is intended for tracking changes of main peak parameters – wave length, width and intensity during scanning; the mode is useful if operator has to follow changes of the control section of the spectrum (for example, line peak) at a distance.


Extended capabilities of working with graphs (spectra): the program allows user to display spectra in convenient view, setup style and color; the buffer of spectra allows to compare spectra acquired at different times or from different sections of detector matrix.


Integration in stripe: this mode is intended for controlling the signal intensity in allocated spectral stripe; it is possible to set up to 8 stripes and change their positions and sizes during registration of spectra.


Images and spectra: during registration all spectra, which are located in detector matrix lines and form an image, are saved; at that it is possible to scale needed area of the image, view vertical and horizontal sections in cursor area, as well as to control brightness and contrast of the image.


Detection modes: Image – full image mode with maximal resolution; Full Binning – spectral mode (summing of all detector matrix lines into a single spectrum). Multi track – mode for registration of spectra in allocated sections (lines) of the matrix.


Advanced capabilities for controlling spectral devices and parameters of receivers (detectors): tuning of all possible registration parameters is performed on the separate page; averaging and summing are implemented, as well as the external and internal synchronization.


Reports, saving of spectra, data export: saving of spectra in different formats, export for processing in other applications. Embedded editor for reports preparation and their printing.