Software for photonics
Software for photonics
Custom software

Software development for photonics

  • Tailored control systems for various electronic optical devices
  • Applications for different types of signal registration devices
  • Systems for calibration of optical devices and signal correction
  • Software for processing and analysis of digital signal



Electron Microscopy

  • Developed turnkey software product: ImageSP
  • Connection to all TEMs produced by AG Carl ZEISS + JEOL
  • Support of all CCD cameras produced by our partner – TRS
  • Full control of the scanning process + TimeLapse module
  • Processing, analysis, filtering and correction of images
  • EFTEM, drift correction, particle analysis, panorama…

Partner: TRS


  • Developed software product: SpectraSP
  • Spectral measurements in different modes: image, multitrack…
  • Visualization, processing and storing of experimental data
  • Scanning of panoramic spectrum and stitching of spectra
  • Real-time peak tracing: wavelength, width and intensity
  • Wavelength calibration, background and intensity correction
SOL instruments

Confocal Microscopy

  • Developed software product: NanoSP
  • Control of all automated units and modules of the microscope
  • Spectral calibration and fluorescence background correction
  • Acquisition, processing and analysis of spectral images
  • Rapid panoramic mapping, various sections, axonometric view
  • Raman spectral databases and chemometric software
SOL instruments

Solid 3D Modeling

  • Developed software product: CubeSP
  • 3D representation of data with quality control of the model
  • Working with series of images and with separate images
  • Interpolation of new Z-layers with distance control
  • Calibration of 3D model X-Y-Z-axis-wise, coloring of the model
  • Generation and saving of arbitrary sections of a 3D model
TRS and SOL instruments


“The TRS company, TRÖNDLE Restlichtverstärkersysteme, Germany, is collaborating with SYSPROG since 2002. The powerful ImageSP software system developed as a result of this long-term cooperation is, for today, the best software product in the world, in the area of transmission electron microscopy. ImageSP is recommended by Carl Zeiss to users of their transmission electron microscopes as the software of choice.” Read more…

Логотип компании TRS

TRÖNDLE Restlichtverstärkersysteme
Principal partner

TRÖNDLE Restlichtverstärkersysteme
Principal partner



TRS logo

TRS / Germany

TRÖNDLE Restlichtverstärker­systeme (TRS) is the leading manufacturer of CCD cameras for TEM in Western Europe and our principal and long-term partner.

SOL instruments logo

SOL instruments / Belarus

SOL instruments Ltd. is a manufacturer of technologically advanced instruments for spectroscopy, elemental analysis, light measuring and microscopy.

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