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SYSPROG specializes in custom software development for automation of corporate activities of an enterprise. Our solutions allow to manage the entire operational cycle of a company, covering the phases of planning, execution, control and analysis. This takes into account the important and special features of each organization. SYSPROG specialists possess all the necessary professional skills, as well as qualifications and experience for successful development, implementation and maintenance of automation software for various areas of business and industry. We offer broad knowledge, high quality and very competitive prices. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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MRO: Maintenance, Repair, and Operations ICS


ICS MRO is an industrial control system for automation of equipment maintenance, repairs management, and personnel administration at an enterprise. The MRO system allows to: efficiently plan and control the maintenance and repair works, significantly reduce the likelihood of accidental downtime and the number of unscheduled repairs, ensure the rationality of supply and logistics, and formalize the document workflow. SYSPROG offers both the deployment of ICS MRO at your enterprise as a whole, and the installation of its individual autonomous sub-systems at the facilities of your company.

Effective planning and control of equipment maintenance, operations management and repair works
Providing objective, up-to-date information on the technical condition of equipment and the quality of repairs
Providing conditions for reducing the number of unscheduled repairs, the likelihood of emergency equipment downtime, and the time required to prepare the necessary repairs
Ensuring rational logistics supply and reducing inventories of spare parts and materials
Formalization of the document workflow
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