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Research Automation in Photonics

Development of control systems for electronic optical equipment: TEM, light microscopes, CCD cameras, and such; software for calibration of optical devices; systems for correction and processing of digital signal.

Enterprise Automation Systems

Development of software systems for corporate activity automation: systems for workflow and business processes management, Industrial Control Systems, software for collection and analysis of data coming from ICS, etc.

Custom software development

Development of customized software using wide range of skills and technologies: business applications, databases, Internet and Itranet solutions, web applications, applications for mobile devices, drivers etc.

Website creation and promotion

Creation and promotion of trendy, mobile-friendly and SEO-optimized websites in English and Russian languages. Corporate websites, landing pages and business card websites for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Extract from our Portfolio


TrS, Germany

  • Software product: ImageSP
  • Connection to all Carl ZEISS TEMs
  • Support of all TrS CCD cameras
  • Full control of the scanning process
  • Image processing and analysis
  • EFTEM and Particle Analysis
  • Construction of panoramas
  • Diffraction and Fourier analysis


SOLAR Laser Systems, Belarus

  • Software product: SpectraSP
  • Performing spectral measurements
  • Vizualisation and processing of data
  • Support of line and matrix detectors
  • Measuring paremeters of peaks
  • System for wavelength calibration
  • Scanning of panoramic spectrum
  • Background and intensity correction


Severstal, Russia

  • Software product: MRO
  • Stores and factory accounting
  • Dynamic production scheduling
  • Mechanical tests lab management
  • Process and quality control
  • Final product shipping control
  • Integration with SAP
  • Control of MRO operations