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NanoSP – software for scanning laser confocal microscopes

The NanoSP software is indended for acquiring and processing spectral data when working with multifunctional multichannel Confotec® 3D-scanning Raman microscopes produced by SOL instruments. The powerful NanoSP software with an intuitive user interface provides the following functionality: control of all automated units and modules; performing spectral measurements at a point on the sample; acquiring one-dimensional, two-dimensional or three-dimensional maps of the sample using the reflected laser light and Raman scattering signals; as well as data processing and analysis. The description of NanoSP functionality is given on our site as a demonstration of our capabilities and experience. If you are interested in analogous software for your devices and hardware, please contact us; we will develop the system you need with high quality and at a competitive price.

Functional capabilities of NanoSP

Control of all automated units and modules: system condition test; rapid setting the optimum parameters for spectral information detection; additional level of parameter customization for advanced users.

Performing spectral measurements at a point on the sample: spectra detection in various acqusition modes; acquiring panoramic spectra; multitude of spectra representation on the same graph; peak tracer; converting spectra into different formats.

Automated spectral calibration with a built-in light source: the best wavelength accuracy by utilizing a compact reference light source.

Automated fluorescence background correction.

Peak fitting: Raman bands fitting is possible.

Acquiring spectral images of the objects: very fast scan through the original SOL instruments® algorithm; full Raman spectra saving in every point; creating of color-coded maps which show molecular species distribution.

Rapid panoramic mapping of a large sample area with the galvanic mirror scanner and automated stage.

Mertical and statistical image analysis: measuring of spacing intervals and areas; minimum, maximum, sum, standard deviation, etc.

Image processing: large variety of functions for mathematical processing; convenient representation of the results, various color schemes; digital filtering; histogramming.

Axonometric representation of images.

Section view: easy viewing of any cross section and reporting results; cross section analysis.

Automated focussing on a sample surface: when changing between objectives, NanoSP ensures that you are focused; automated focusing on the sample surface performs with use of the reflected laser light.

Mathematical operations with spectra and images: summing, subtraction; cosmic ray removal; smoothing, etc.

Experiment management and program configuring.

Link to the Raman spectral database: work with the spectral database (spectrum identification is possible using advanced capabilities of the LabCognition software package); ability to create your own spectral libraries; spectrum interpretation, functional groups search using Raman bands.

Optional chemometric software package.

3D data analysis and visualization: three-dimensional view; every possible cross sections; resize and rotation of images; digital filtering; coloration; three-dimensional view with variable transparency, etc.